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Confusing FWB

Published on May 5, 2013 by beezy791

We were introduced through mutual friends with the goal of us being fuck buddies last November. Around the 4th month after we started having sex I started feeling like our dynamic had changed. When we first started hooking up there were no personal interactions. We’d normally meet at the last minute on weekends and we didn’t have conversations or do a lot of intimate physical things despite the fact that we cuddled after every time and had sleepovers frequently. Things have been very different since we shared our sexual fantasies with each other and tried out a few. Now he kisses my forehead and we’ve been holding hands both while in public and in bed. The last time we got together he took me out to a restaurant for a drink and we talked about a lot of personal things (his time in the army and sibling adventures) before he took me to his place for the first time. We took a break so that he could do some homework but he insisted on touching me on the arm or leg while he worked. I’m not entirely sure what this change means or if any of these actions point to something specific. Any insight?


I almost weep with gladness to find a healthy, functional relationship. Honey, you need no advice here. Just grab that guy and hold him and love him with all of your heart.