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Confused and need GREAT advice.

Published on August 8, 2010 by caliente2

Been seeing this guy for almost 2 yrs, spending 5-7days out the week together. He's helped me around my house, vice versa. We talk/text daily, agreeing on dinner to cook or go out, watching TV or Movie. We practically spend the whole weekend together. We communicate very well with each other, share advices and thoughts. We have a great time when we are together. On top of it, we met each other's family. I feel as if we are more than friends, but he said we are friends. I do want more than just friends, so on that note, I told him I couldn't do this anymore. That I can not "hang" with him and told him i had to ween myself out this situation, all bc i want him to acknowledge more than friends. He know how I feel about him, that I do like him. He has tried contacting me several times, but at the same time i feel as if he has been "passive aggressive" with what he has said. I didn't respond back. I do want him back in my life but want him to pass the friend status. I'm really confused on the whole situation, was it me that thought there was something more than friends. I'm back on birth control pill bc we talked about it. Agreeing that we or him will not sleep with others. I thought that was like to "seal" the deal and pass the friends crap!

Great advices needed.


Look if you are friend not even FWB? Then that is what he wants, Looking for BF look elsewhere.

What you did makes perfect sense. You can't spend the prime of your youth being a "Friend" (or in this case FWB). That is going to emotionally destroy you and you will be kicking yourself to no end thinking you wastes your time on someone. Frankly, if you are not going to have a real relationship now, when will you??

Look, from a guy's perspective. All red blooded men LOVE, dream, and yearn for a situation where we have a good exclusive mistress we can bang anytime we want, yet she is not officially connected to us as a gf, fiance or wife. You fit that perfect mold. Good for your man. I am really jealous of him right now.

But coming to your situation, we know he likes your companionship, but does he want your love? Most women usually want to be loved and cared for in a relationship. What you expect from him is the right expectation. But if he wants you only as a mistress, as a female body then you will need to decide where you are going to get love and relationship? You are correct in nudging him to the right direction, but if he is not ready for the relationship now after 2 years of being with you then he won't be ready after 5. And you really do not want to force someone into starting an emotional relationship wit you when they are not ready.

Frankly, why in the world would any man to let go of a mistress??? I won't. and he likely won't.