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Confused about this girl.

Published on July 30, 2013 by photoj

Hey,I just recently broke with with my ex after 3+ years and it's been about a month ago since the breakup. Our relationship died off long ago and we were basically just roommates and I feel like I'm over it, in fact we're still good friends.

So anyways there is this girl I work with and I've had a "thing" for her since I've started my job which has been 5 months ago. She's 10 years older then me but she is beautiful and we get along really well. She was always really flirty and I just brushed it off because I had a girlfriend at the time. But now that I'm single I figured I should make a move so I invited her out one night. We had a couple drinks and the conversation between us got hot and heavy and we were kissing and holding each other all night. We went back to her place to continue the night but she passed out before anything could happen, so I put her to bed and left because I had to take a friend back to my place.

The next morning she sent me a text wanted to hang out that day but I had prior engagements so I couldn't make it. So later on in the day I asked if she wanted to do something that night and she said she wasn't feeling well etc.

Now she's away on vacation for the week and we have still been texting off and on but she's really slow at replying and doesn't add that much input to the convo.

A couple days passed and I asked her when are we going to do something again and she responded "I dunno, I've got some visiting to do".

I'm not sure if she's trying to tell me shes not interested and I'm worried that I'm coming on too strong.

When we spent that night together she said she really liked me, had feelings for me for awhile and loved spending time with me. She said we'd be good together but she was concerned about our age difference and worried because I just got out of a serious relationship.

I think she does really like me, and I really like her too. I'm just worried I am coming on too strong and I don't want to make things weird between us, what should I do?

Any advice would be appreciated. :)