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Confused about a girl. Help!

Published on August 13, 2014 by markduplass

Hi, so there's this girl I like who I've been trying to go out on a date with but it hasn't been working out. I work at the gym with her and see her quite regularly. It started off slow between us but after about a month we have gotten really close. I have been trying to read the signals that she gives me to be able to see whether she likes me but it's hard considering that for the past three times we were supposed to go out, she had to cancel right when the date was supposed to happen. Now hard part is that at work we are always talking and we are usually close to each other and she touches me on the shoulder and sometimes lays her head on my shoulder and hugs me randomly and says "I love you" every now and then and when we text she's been saying I love you sometimes whenever we text and all. I'm just confused on whether she actually likes me because it seems like the signals/signs are there but we can never get a date to happen. I don't even know if she considers it a date. What do you think it is? Should I still try for it. I really like her it's just that she is confusing me with the signals and flaking on our dates


Many women like the emotional intimacy of having that close BFF with slight romantic undertones. If she was as smitten as her overtures suggest my bet is that she would not flake on several of the last dates you had scheduled. It may be best to create a bit of distance and see how she responds. Furthermore is it she who is planning the "dates" or is you? If its you then perhaps you should see if she takes the initiative; especially when you consider that it was because of her canceling that the last 3 dates never happened. If she truly likes you she will make it happen. If she doesnt then you will at least have your answer and be able to move forward. OR if you want to be really crazy you could simply ask her just what the hell is going on. Never underestimate the powerful and transformative experience of just being direct and communicating instead of trying to decipher vague clues!

Best Laura Brown

I think she's put you in the dreaded Friend Zone. If she was really into you and wanted to see where things would go, she wouldn't screw off on your dates all the time. She shouldn't be leading you on like that. Trust me, women plan plan plan when it comes to dates and if she was into it, she would have made sure she was available to make it. You sound like a pretty caring and reliable guy who would make a lot of girls happy. Mayyyybe you should show that to her a lil' bit?? Just my two cents

have you ever tried telling her that you really like her more than friends? if not, well then dude why not give it a try and see how it works.. maybe she's waiting maybe she's not but who knows, you've never taken the chance. Don't rely on the signals, words,gestures or body language they're unreliable sometimes. talking it out to her personally would be your best option.