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Published on December 6, 2013 by willowreign

I went out with the boy for almost 2 years, we were eachothers first loves and first everything! He one day broke it off because he said he has issues and that he couldn’t be in a relationship anymore.. He just gave up on such a good relationship, we had 100000x more good things then bad!

It has now been a bit over 4 months and he already has a new girl, they have literally known eachother for a week and a half, they don’t know eachother and weren’t even friends before, they formed because they hooked up at a party and now after a week of knowing eachother they’re all over eachother Him and I were good friends and then we took it very slow when we first went out, it took us 2 months to even hook up because all we did was spend time with eachother and get to know eachother. He is different now and the girl he hooked up with, he best mate really really liked her, she is so beautiful but she has nothing in common with him, he is just all over her and its so weird because they don’t know eachother… she was my friend and he knew that and she knew how much I cared and they show it in front of my face I still love him so dearly and I am so afraid he will forget about me, I see him everyday! It’s horrible


Stop. Take a step back. Why are you getting caught up with those two being with each other? The reality is he left you for your friend and your friend betrayed you. Wish them all the best and move on. In my opinion, neither of them are worth your time. Let it go. A man who hooks up with his woman's friend is unworthy. You can do better and will find a man who will treat you with respect. Empower yourself and become a stronger woman. Good luck.