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Published on July 11, 2013 by

My boyfriend and I are dating for last 2 years. We have been serious about taking it to next level (marriage). I love him. He says he's confused because I am not the best looking person. But he does find me attractive and likes my personality, character a lot and also thinks we have great bonding and doesn't want to risk that because of his confusion. He says part of the reason he's so confused is that he never had a relationship before and wants to meet new people for a while. He has also mentioned he'd not do that if I don't like the idea and is willing to commit to me (he said he will get over his issues with time). I hate the idea of him seeing. meeting other people. But I also don't want to see him confused or see him regretting never meeting other people. I also don't know how this will affect our relationship, if I'd be able to trust him again or if he'll ever come back. I don't know if I should just make him stay and assume that with time his concerns will fade away or should I let him go out and date others.