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Published on June 10, 2014 by mitch27

Hi..currently iam in a LDR (long distance relationship)to my man..eventualy when hes comming over to my country to see me, iam excited,but now hes comming in 1week from now,i dont know how i feel maybe because,to this situation..there is one girl who like him.and he said theire friends,.this girl was from other country as well,but the story is hes comming to my country for only a week, then hes going straight to his friend country for two weeks, he said hes going to ausstralia just for a family,but not to meet the girl, i try to add the girl to fb bit suddenly he just got mad at me for adding the girl on fb,bcause he said im suspecting him that hes meeting her..well hes right but what can i do iam a girl and my guts tell me theres something not right.. what should i do.? Should i just trust him or not?.. any suggestion out there?..