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complicated relationship!!!!!!

Published on September 8, 2013 by dixon

I have girlfriend, and we have been in relation for a year now. I proposed her last year August. she accepted and with some conditions, that not to tell any one about this relationship. I agreed because I didn't know her culture and customs very well. we have differences in race, culture, nationality but we have the same religion. when I was trying to ask her for out. she said she can't cause she is not allowed to go out from hostel. This year April she was dating with my close friend on phone and some times they tried to go out on Sunday when she is allowed to go for shopping. but she does not tell me all those. sometimes that friend of mine who was dating with her, was open to me and told me every thing but now we are enemy of each other because of my girlfriend. In may I had sex with her. the month I wrote a massage on fb after a big conflict with her and my friend, msg of forgiving her and starting things afresh. that msg was seen with another guy who claimed to be her boyfriend and he said he has a password after he called me on phone and they have been in relationship for 3yrs now and the guy told me that he has been fighting with her because of having many guys talking on phone. then I told him everything between us cause he is a guy I know. and when he asked her, my girlfriend refused to say the truth. and she called me, saying I should change what I said to the guy that it is not true, if not so she will die. then I changed what I said to the guy. I asked her, why she did not tell me that she had a boyfriend when I proposed her then she said sorry it her mistake. In short, I tried to break up with her couple of times but she always cries and say she doesn't want to stop loving me. sometime she do say she can not break up with the guy because, parents of the guy they loves her. sometimes she do say, she will be happy to be with me. sometimes she do say, she gonna find me another girl. sometimes she do say, she Loves me and she do not know why she can't let me go. sometime she telling me she needs time and she has introduced me to her two elder sisters and she wanna talk to dad and mam and also, she wanna talk to the parents of the guy side. but when the guy calls her asking her if me and her we still talking to each other she always say no we are not talking and she tells me not tell the guy that we are talking...Guys advice me what to do, i real love her and that is why I can't go away from her. This feelings have affected my capability of thinking and I have lost my weight of 5kgs withing two months. now am trying to talk to her sisters may be to advice her so that i should know what to do. please help me, I don't know what to do. should I break up with her, or?