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Published on March 20, 2013 by kellyb

I'm in relationship with someone nearly 8 months. We live together for 6 months and everything works fine, we have fun the same way there is understanding and we love each other. But like all couples we have an issue.. His job some times requires him to travel and be of town for 2 days a month or 5 days every five months. So when we talk on the phone our conversation lasts from 54s to 8 minutes. And it feels weird that I have not that much to talk about and neither does he. We love each other, we've never fought cause we have no differences.. We have same beliefs to many things and we want to make each other happy. So how is it possible to not have a conversation of at least 20 min a day when he's off town? What can I do to fix it? I mean I talk more with a friend and sure he does too..


Some people just aren't talkers. As long as you both feel you are communicating well, who cares if you meet some arbitrary phone call duration? If it makes you feel any better, get hold of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and see if you can identify other ways in which you two communicate and express your love to each other.