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Published on March 31, 2013 by chickensoup26

My husband and I live on two different continents. He has now decided that he wants to start going out to nightclubs. Is this something that is appropriate to our situation of where we are not capable of having date nights like this?


No, it's not appropriate for your husband to be clubbing. Married people should not be clubbing unless they're with their spouse. It's just too much temptation out there to take the risk.

A guy goes to nightclubs in the hope of getting laid - either with the date he brought or, if going single, with a girl he picks up at the club. Do you think that has changed? If not, do you think it's a good idea to have him clubbing?

My opinion is that it's a big warning flag that he wants to go clubbing without you. Find a way to get you two back living together, or I predict you will get a "Dear Jane" letter before too long.

I personally have never met a woman that left with me after a night at the club of dancing. Maybe I am a rare breed, but we should not jump the gun and totally character assassinate any mans character. I have never cheated while in a relationship and MANY of us men are committed, have morals, and going out with co-workers for drinks and dancing beats loneliness especially if there is a group hanging out. I wouldn't jump to conclusions. It could be a phase and/or a stress reliever-it doesn't make people fall out of love