Great news that she is handling it well. Not so great news that you are't handling it as well. What are some of the feelings you are having about her knowing? Some further information about your thoughts, feelings and beliefs would really help me help you more.

I just have one question for you? Why are you embarrassed? Do you see yourself as broken, weird, a freak? Or is it that a secret has been revealed?

The key here is acceptance and love of self first and foremost. It's what I call being fully in your "I Am," and accepting yourself fully!

As a recovering shame-aholic, I myself suffered from the embarrassment and secrets of being gay. The day I realized, "I Am," the whole game changed.

Step into you, be yourself without guilt and shame, and permit yourself to thrive.

And if you need more help than reach out. There's plenty of us on Your Tango to help!

You must learn to embrace your whole self. Could your shame be connected to the fact that your secret has been revealed?- Having the strength to live with out guilt and embarrassment is the first step to self acceptance.