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Christmas Presents

Published on December 2, 2010 by mariaperarnaubayo

I was gossiping his mail when I discover an online shopping he did. It was a puzzle with our photo, some days ago he asked me if I liked puzzles and I said yes because some days before he complained about the fact i was obsesid with fashion and i didn't show off my intelligence. So you think I have sth to do with the present, i bought him some tickets I feel like a jealous GF and i don't like the present :(. Should I do sth?


Hello...It sounds like there are a couple things going on for you. It sounds like you don't like the present he's chosen for you. As a Mars Venus coach, I can tell you that appreciation is one of the primary needs that guys have, so even if you don't like the present itself, you may want to let him give it to you anyway. Even if you don't like the gift itself, you can always appreciate the fact that he took the time to think of you in advance and order it. In the future, you can always let him know a few different gifts that would make you happy. I know we'd like to have our men buy us perfect gifts, but we're much more likely to get what we want when we ask. As for your concern about being jealous, are you feeling that way because you checked his email or is there another reason?

Sounds like a creative gift that affirms your relationship. The puzzle is an analogy for two unique persons fitting together just right. . . how thoughtful of him to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute and buy a generic present. I think the only appropriate response is "thank you!"

I don't know the details--how old you are, how long you have been married, etc.--but take it from me, some men are great gift givers and some men are disappointing gift givers. In some cases it speaks volumes about them emotionally, financially, etc.., and some men are just clueless. It's hard to determine which is which in the beginning. At some point you get it. You can always do what I did with husband #1: I asked him to return the gifts he obviously bought for his mother, and shop for a gift for me; or with husband #2: I scotch taped pictures of gifts I would like for my birthday or Xmas on the bathroom mirror where he shaved. What I finally determined worked best for all: I don't care about gifts anymore; I buy what I want for myself. Once I began buying myself a special birthday present each year, nothing anyone gives to me matters if I am disappointed, but delights me when they hit the mark! When I am delighted...well, it's over the moon! Everyone shares in my pleasure!