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Cheating,Guilt,No control-sex with all my maids

Published on October 26, 2013 by friendned

I am married father of 2 children married for 7 years with beautiful wife. She is very strong headed woman,very dedicated to family and her job. Cooks great food and a good hose keeper. She always claim she loves me a lot but usually tired to hv sex at night. My sex life:He is not giver or contributor to sex,Few times i force her then she do it very coldly.Sex with her is OK but not very exiting.Although she do all form of sex at times in mood but I never felt satisfied about her excitement level.In early days she used to wear spl attractive lingries but now she is more beautifing her and her genital by vaxing(but claim it to be done for me)

I am bit less expressive,like to do some jobs out of guilt like 1.Trying to do all my daily choes of my own like washing my U/G and offload her of some work 2.Play with kids and keep them busy at times to make her free 3.Even menstrubat to avoid disturbing her sleep.

issue is:I dont know why I indulge in sex with all my home maids(female) ,I feel guilt and scared abt my marriage and family.My wife is over possessive and very very conservative abt these matters...pls help


Stop the cheating now. It's not appropriate no matter what's going on with your wife. If you aren't satisfied with your sex life, address the problem, don't create a new one by cheating.

It is clear there are deeper issues going on and if talking to her directly won't work, I would suggest finding a good couples therapist. Try marriage counseling and see if that resolves the problems. I would recommend someone who is EFT certified or is an EFT (Emotionally focused) therapist. If it persists, you may want to consider seeing a sex therapist as a couple.

But either way, if you want to be married, than be married and accept the consequences of the situation. If you aren't getting what you want and don't feel you ever will, you need to decide if you should stay or go. But don't stay and cheat. Get out and have all the sex you want without putting your marriage at risk.

-YourTango Expert