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Cheating Within The First Month

Published on June 28, 2013 by random123

I met a guy a couple months ago and we started dating. He then asked me if we could be exclusively boyfriend/girlfriend and I agreed. However about three weeks later we went out together and I caught him with another girl. He was extremely remorseful and begged for my forgiveness, promising to make it up to me and that it would never happen again. Should I give him a second chance since it was so early and we weren't serious yet? Or is early cheating just a forshadow of his future behaviours?


Wow, hold the horses. Before one could answer this question a couple importnat details are needed. You said you went out with him and on the same night caught him with another girl... Where were you, and what did you catch him doing? If he was talking to another woman that could be an entirely different thing than if you caught him bed with her.

If he was remorseful, it's because you and he have not reached a level of emotional intimacy where you can have candid conversations without having to be protective or defensive. "Cheating" happens when there is not mature and responsible communication between two people, and this type of communication is not something one person does. It is a joint effort.

1) Get clear what really happened. 2) Be able to describe the circumstances accurately. 3) Then have a mature conversation about what actions and conversation has to happen for there to be both trust and vulnerability between you.

First of all, there is contradiction in your story. You wrote that he had asked you to be his girlfriend and even offered exclusiveness in your relations. Then, when you caught him he tried to go away with his "cheating crime" simply by making silly excuses and pointing on the time since you had become a couple. Don't you think it is not logical? So, better to stop seeing him now (trust me, cheaters DON"T CHANGE!) and save many tears and pieces of your broken heart in the future. He is a boy, not a man, and unless he changes himself, you can do nothing about this issue. So run, better run from him.

You know its better to get rid of him. I have the same situation with you, it sucks coz he still cheated on me even though we are already months in the relationship. Cheaters dont change and worst of all i have fallen for him and it really hurts.