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Cheating/ Friendship

Published on April 26, 2013 by blairena

I have a boyfriend of 5 years now. Last year he told me that his friend' girlfriend broke up with him and my boyfriend was the reason behind the break up. I didn't know the girl/even know that they are friends so i was shocked by the whole issue and we were in a long distance relationship so i didn't know what to think. He said that they knew each other only for 1month. I was trying to find out why my boyfriend is involve in the situation because they live far from the girl it would take a 30mins drive. The whole year last year i tried to figure out the reason but every time i ask questions about them he would be pissed of, he even have different answers every month with the same questions. This made me more suspicious about them. I texted the girl using his no. And the girl immediately knew that it was not him which is weird for me that even a single period she noticed to be missing. He admitted that they are communicating through text though but i didn't find their conversation in his inbox. Recently he said that he stopped communicating with the girl because he is afraid that it can ruin our relationship.

Last month his best friend told me that my boyfriend was seeing this girl last year in her town, which means that he would travel 30min drive to see her. He freaked out and gives a signal to his best friend to stop talking about it which i caught him doing and because we did'ntchange the topic he became angry and want to go home, which confirm that the story was true. When i confronted him he denied it, then i broke up with him because i know it was true and he lied. Now he is chasing me asking for forgiveness and i told him for once tell me the truth so i we can have our relationship back.

he confesses that he was seeing the girl several times(he can't even count how many time) in her town because the girl would text him to visit her (he would bring his friends and she would also bring her friends and they hangout in the park). He travel half an hour just to see the girl and the worst part is we are texting the whole time he have done this. He said he didn't think of my reaction/ ruin our relationship he was just happy doing it.He keep insisting that they are only FRIENDS and he doesn't have any other feelings for her other than friendship. I felt that there is more to the story (probably they kissed) but he told me that he said everything and nothing happened them. BUt after a year of lies and covering up i dont know if its the ending of their story. What should i do?


What do you want to do? What are the feelings and thoughts this is bringing up for you? What is your relationship like? Are both your needs getting met? Talk to him. Be honest. You might tell him that if he gets angry when you talk about something that all communication stops there. How do you have a relationship without communication? You are the one who has your answers :-) You have all the wisdom you will ever need in your heart. Listen to it :-) I invite you to message me if you want to talk further. Mari