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Challenges in a relationship , how to face them?

Published on January 24, 2013 by aoifedevine

I have a boyfriend of almost 2years now and he is the only person I have ever loved and I know he loves me too. Recently we have been fighting a lot due to the fact that he is in his final year of college and he is under a lot of pressure with writing his thesis. I feel a little second best at times but I deal with it because I know this is so important to him and his future career. I must admit at times I do overreact when he says he cant see e if hes stuck in the library or has an early day and this fighting has become more regular. He just told me on the phone that he needs a few days to himself to think about things as he is under a lot of pressure. I feel very confused and sad and also angry. can anyone offer advice or insight. A males perspective would be very appreciated also. thank you