If it was me, I would finish the date and not go out with him again. It's rude and disrespectful and he should know better.

I agree with Rose on this one. Just move on,and be patient and eventually God will send you a man who will treat you with the respect you deserve. Best of luck and you'll be in my prayers. :)

Yes, ladies I would finish the date and keep that in my head for future references. I would not answer any of his calls and hope that he would get the point.

Unfortunately, with the ever-increasing ubiquity of electronic distractors - er, pardon me, cell phones - many people have become addicted or otherwise inured to them and do not realize how rude they're being. The way to address this is to ask your date nicely to turn off his phone so that you can enjoy his company; you find his phone distracting. If he declines, well, there's your answer: don't go out w/ him again. If he gives a good reason ["my Nana is in the hospital right now..."] then suggest rescheduling the date so that he can focus on the emergency at hand.