The very best way to help your children is to help yourself first.

Here's what I mean: Raise your self-esteem, feel fantastic about your body, live YOUR best and fittest life, and lead by example with your healthy lifestyle.

When you can shine YOUR light of your most confident, secure, healthy and happiest self, your example of simply Being all of this Wonderfulness will automatically influence your children. You won't even need to tell them words, just BE it for yourself first.

This is the best way to go about helping your kids. It's nearly impossible to try to turn off the TV, Youtube, their phones, etc. But when THEY have the high self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth that they will learn by your example of having all of this yourself, then they will not be influenced as much by the media.

You have a wonderful opportunity to be a positive, shining light for your children by becoming the YOU who is your very best YOU in mind, body, and spirit. It all starts with your Inner Self (that's 90% of the game right there!).

To Your Best Life...IN Your Ideal Body,

JoLynn Braley Weight Loss Mindset Expert, Founder of The Inner Self Diet,