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Casual to Committed

Published on January 28, 2013 by love to love

So I agreed to have a "casual relationship" with a guy that I could potentially like. He suggested we try less emotional involvement for now and see how things end up, which sounded PERFECT to me because I really don't want to rush into a relationship right now. But I know that I like this guy, I mean he's cute, funny, the whole package really. Am I making a mistake? If I go into this and then end up wanting it to turn into a committed relationship, how do I go about telling him all of this? I'm just worried that one of us will end up getting hurt and that one of us will end up being me, even though I'm all for it right now...please help!


I did, with my own rule of being able to get to know each other. Because I already said it can't just be physical for me, I will get emotionally involved. He's clearly afraid of an emotional relationship right now, he says he's had bad relationship experiences, but who hasn't? I just want to know, if I agree to the physical part of it, will he start to open up or am I setting myself up for heartbreak? I mean the last time we hung out, things didn't get too far but we got a little physical, at the same time we got to "catch up" and I learned some new things about that not developing an emotional attachment too?

No, if I was you I would not agree to casual sex. Especially if you are a female we get attached to a person when sex is involved. A guy can easily separate sex and their emotions unlike females. We are emotional creatures and that's how we connect with a never being. The long you stay involved with this guy the hard its going to be to let him go. The foundation of th relationship has been built basically on lust and sexual desires. A man will respect and honor a woman more if he has to work for her including her mind, body, and soul. You have every right to change your mind and not feel guilt about it. It's your body and if you don't respect it he surely on't either. Don't have sex with a guy to get close to him or to get him to open up. It ays ends bad. Don't put yourself in the bth call fuckbuddy area because that is what he going to do. I you want more than just sex than tell him and if he don't well I tell you to say goodbye to him. It's s a lot of good guys out there just be patience.There will be a better guy out there who will want to get to know you on a real level but be careful there are a lot of sharks out there and they will tell and do anything to sleep with you. So know the signns so you will be able to kick them to the curve. Value your body it is percious and God's temple. r wal9

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