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Career or man?

Published on September 2, 2010 by gillian6483

So, I will try to make this brief. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. Before summertime, we both hated our jobs in NYC, decided to quit and move to his town where he grew up to set up a plan for the fall to pursue new careers. He grew up on Nantucket, very small, fun summer place. IT has been a nice summer, but I have found myself extremely dependent on him, being that I know no one, and am surrounded by his family and friends. I have ended up being miserable all summer, and placing that stress on him. I began to talk about our future of leaving months ago and he shows no SIGNS of motivation to get off this island! I love him very much, but there is nothing for me here career wise besides him. I dont want to keep harassing him, but i am so unhappy here I dont know what else to do. And my unhappiness keeps pushing him further and further away from me. He is changing how he acts to me, and seems to have given up trying to make me happy. I guess it hasn't worked well for him. I just dont know if I have the strength to leave him when I love him so much but I know I can't stay here. Any outsider advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much. G


Hi G,

I realize you question was posted last September but I also noticed no one responded or replied. How did things work out for you? Are you still in need of support? Please private message me and I would love to schedule a 30 minute free coaching call to support you in what may be going on in your life currently.

Warmly, Karen