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capricorn man

Published on February 25, 2014 by talkativejerseygirl

Hi I have been talking to my cap man for almost 2 years, talk on phone cam and text we havent met in person yet. met him online POF He is too busy to meet me. This weekend he was busy ignored me the 2 days and Mon texted me at 4:30 no love today? I am ignoring him now.. He says he loves me How could he we didnt even meet face to face.... I have seen him on cam... he doesnt make time he owns his own business i get it.. but really? then I send him a valentine present in the mail.... I got his address on he said i am a stalker invading his p[rivacy. he late did apologize... what should I do.... We text good morning daily.. it is usually me I told him i like to hear from him and sometimes he says heis too busy to say it.... what is wrong iwth me or is it him? He has never been married he is 51 IO am 53 He has 2 bros all three of them are in their 50's and all of them have never been married? that is weird isnt it? please help me godspeed.....


Hello I am Haley, From USA, and I want to tell you, how I got my ex lover back. I was highly depressed when my boyfriend left me for another girl last christmas, But when I met a friend that gave me, Prophet Krishan's mail. I told him about my boyfriend leaving me. He said to me, you have come to the right place and he prayed for me and told me what I needed to do. 2 weeks, after I did it, James, my boyfriend called me on the phone and was saying sorry for ever ending the relationship, that he wants me back in his life. Prophet Harr charged me, NOTHING!!!!! His services are for FREE!!!!!! 2 days after the call, James asked me to move into his house. I am so happy, thank you, Prophet. His mail is Ask the prophet, he would tell you what to do.