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cant it just be over???

Published on April 6, 2012 by justmac1

i went through a nasty breakup with my ex about 6 months ago and had to go to court for a restraining order to keep her away. well i got an extension of 2 years on it but she still keeps emailing me and has even made phony people profiles on facebook to try and contact me. ive called the police and showed them my court paperwork then the police ask if she made any threats which she isnt doing but my paperwork states NO CONTACT through email or regular mail.  what is wrong with this person that even after all this time she will not leave me alone. can anyone give me any kind of help so i can have some peace? im planning to move soon and dont want this problem to follow me to my new house where i will be moving in with my new girlfriend. is she some kind of stalker? ive never had this much trouble with anyone before and am just tired of the bull


ignore ignore ignore as much as you can, hopefully when she realises you are not playing her game, she will tire of it.I guess you are already documenting everything she is doing as she does it, to have a restraining order.Shut down any email she knows of yours and open new ones.She does sound a bit stalkerish if the behaviour is still continuing after all this time.Do you know people that she knows, if there is a relative or friend that you kind of got along with you could ask her, what her problem is and see if a friend can encourage her to move on?It may be just a time thing that hopefully will finally pass, if you dont give her any response to her. Let everyone in your family and friend circle know that you have this problem so they can keep a lookout for you also and help divert her away from you.This problem is not nice whether its from a male or female gender.You are entitled to end a relationship if its not working for you, You have to be true to you and your life.

Get off of Facebook and start a new life in the real world. Facebook did not exist for many, many years; the world was fine with out it. Too, change your email address. If she writes to you, they will bounce back to her within seconds.

HEY I HAVE LEFT YOU ALONE BIG TIME I FOUND OUT WHat life was about and now i hear you hAVE A COUPLE OF NEW STALKERS. SEE ITS YOU and one i heard you raped do you know when i heARD ABOUT THat totALLY MADE MY STOMACH TURN

phony facebooks huh not even believe it or not there if one person who hates you more then i do she told me to tell you MUSTANG and HER PANTIES whatever boy you must of really screwed her over. hey just letting you know that place keeps contacting me about your leg and they want yoy to try their product I finally block there fucking email address hey i just letting you know and as far as what diane and sara or melissa do to you wekk i have no control over that