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Cant get over my EX after 12 months...

Published on January 7, 2013 by chromezz

im now 19 years old nearly 20 and about 12 months ago my girlfriend left me, im still not over her, i still love her more than anything in the world, Originally i tried to sort things out with her, its not like i had even done anything wrong just out of the blue 2 days after the Xmas of 2011 she sent me a text message saying 'Delete everything you have about me' this included private pictures and so on and obviously i was distraught and went into a downward spiral of depression and pain, i tried carrying on with my life after trying to reason with her but alas i lost my job and then my home within the same month and it all got worse from there,

lucky for me i had a friend who helped me out for a bit and helped me keep going, but the whole situation messed me up something fierce and i couldnt sleep, eat or even go to area where she would possibly go, (we was together for two years) even to this day i still barely sleep because of nightmares i have about my time i had with her, im lucky if i get a few hours sleep a night, but i made a bad mistake and got with this other girl about 3 months after this all happened but im still hurting so much and i think she knows that,

i just honestly dont know what to do anymore ive been on sleeping pills, anti depressants, and had counselling, but nothing has changed, my ex was seriously my sole mate im sure of it and now she gone, so ive tried moving on and stayed with this new girl but it just doesnt feel the same, i dont feel the same kind of love i did for my ex,

i just dont know what to do anymore, ive had people say leave the new girl and make myself into someone my ex really cant resist and remind her why she want me in the first place and others have said just keep moving on with your life, i just dont know what to do someone please help me before i take drastic measures and do something stupid...