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Can you work part time when in nursing school?

Published on August 7, 2012 by trex

My boyfriend is starting nursing school in a month and was fortunate enough to have the option of scaling back his work hours to 10/hours a week while in school. Despite my suggestions to try working 10 hours a week, he quit all together reasoning that he will not have time to work.

I feel frustrated and bit angry because I have worked all through out college pursuing my degree and am still working now as I have started graduate school.

Are my feelings unfounded? Is working 10/hours a week in nursing school really so cumbersome?

FWIW, we are in our early twenties, do not live together but have been dating for several years now.


If you lived together he would've had to take your opinion in to consideration, as you'd have bills to pay together. Since you do not, I'm assuming his parents are paying for his living expenses and they have an agreement. You're going to have to let it go, but something to consider for the long term is if you have the same life goals, that you're okay with his work ethics, if he is financially responsible, and meets all of your main needs. Those things are good signs for a good lifetime partner. Good luck.