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Can you tell me why the guy I'm dating texts me to communicate/never calls?

Published on December 15, 2009 by paradiso

I have been dating this guy for 4-6 weeks, we are super attracted to each other, but for some reason he sends me text - only. I tried to address two weeks ago when we were together in person, I told him I'm fine with texting but some times i'd like to hear his voice and talk by phone. He acknowledged yet continued texting. Responded to his text yesterday, told him I'd like to talk by phone later in the evening - asked him to call me and also said I could call him if he'd like. He of course didn't call, so I called him and left a voicemail. He replied a while later ---- by text!!!!!! I'm so frustrated! Why is this happening?


Sounds like he may be involved with someone. That's the only logical reason why he wouldn't talk on the phone, and text all the time. He's hiding something.

Take a stand! Put your foot down! Let him know that if he can't talk, then you can't be bothered.

Me too had this same problem recently with a guy I was attracted to and same with him. All he did was txt txt txt. I too adressed this and he told me he dosnt like talking on the phone. Myabe hes the type of guy who dosnt communicate with that. Maybe he really likes you but had a problem with the phone. Thats not good, same thing happened to me and i ended up brokenhearted by him. Honestly if a guy wont take the time to call you he is not fully interested in you. A guy who truly likes a girl will, call all the time, do anything for her. If he dosnt hes not right for you.

I send texts rather than calling people. It gives me a lot of options. If I make a mistake, and say something stupid, then I can say I mistyped or joking. There is a lot more freedom when you text. It's more comfortable for many people. Perhaps their just shy, or lazy. Weirdly enough I feel that I can text easier than talk. I can take breaks, not have to really focus on the conversation, and can have more time to deeply think about what to say next. I sound really mature via text. Perhaps your parter has thinks like me in regard to text.

Are you dating a 15 year old? Kidding. But really, this guy sounds really young and immature. But by 6 weeks, if he is interested, he should be calling you.

Let him know he needs to call you next time he wants to talk. And if he doesn't, if he texts, give him the cold shoulder. Don't talk to him until he calls and if he never does...well, then you have your answer.

Yea it sounds like; a) you might be a bit too annoying to talk to and texting is a lot better. Or b) You're just the chick on the side.

Something tells me it might be option b.