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Can you marry a man with ED

Published on August 11, 2011 by sunnyday

I have a boyfriend,I'm 44,he's 53,I love him,he's a gentleman,we knew each other 3 montha ago,and I stayed with him two weeks ago.But,he has erection problem during we have sex,seems he has the problem with ED,I really love him,and I want to marry him.Should I discuss about it with him?I'm afraid I will hurt him,he's a sensitive person.Ladies,if you were me,what will you do?will you discuss about this with him?Can you marry a man with ED?


Do you know if he's tried to get help for the ED? If yes, and there is nothing that can be done, the next question is: how important to you is intercourse? Are you open to other ways of having sex/making love? Sexual satisfaction for a woman can still happen without intercourse, through oral and manual sex and the use of sexual aids (also called "toys"). So, yes, you can marry a man with ED. If you are willing to expand your idea of love-making to include the many things that can be done other than intercourse, it would probably be a relief to him to know it. If you believe that you require intercourse and if nothing can help his ED, then he doesn't seem like the right match for you. I urge you to think very carefully about your needs and wants and vision of your future before making a decision in either direction. Good luck!

My husband and I went through a similar situation. He was so ashamed of his ED and was sensitive to our conversations about it. We have been married for almost 10 years now, but he didn't always have ED, and I must admit i was a little bummed when we found out (the sex was amazing). BUT, having my husband as a companion means more to me then just sex. He and I both enjoy other means of 'making love' and have come to accept that there is no help available for his ED. It is SO possible to marry a man with ED. But like Liz stated, it is a matter of your sexual preference. If you love him right now, knowing he has that problem, and still want to marry him, I say go for it. buf if his ED is going to put a dampener on your intimate relationship, maybe you should reconsider. Does he know that you know about his problem? My husband said he felt a huge weight lift off of his shoulders when we sat down and talked about his ED. He is sensative about it still (afterall, it is his 'manhood') but if you can still be happy with other means of intimacy, it may comfort him to know that.

Sometimes when men really like a woman, they have problems with erections.

Before you marry a man with ED, you need to be able to talk to him about it. Find out what's going on with him. Was he tired? Has he been looking at a lot of porn? Was he just nervous? You also need to be working on it.

ED can be a sign of health problems. If he's had this problem for a while, he should get checked to make sure his blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels are good. Exercise, eating well, and getting treatment from a doctor can help ED.

If you haven't known each other that long, you might want to go slowly talking to him about it. Just don't get married before you're close enough to discuss something like this.

Thank you,Liz,thank you very much.I didn't talk about the problem yet,I don't know how to approach the conversation,he's a sensitive person,and he also didn't talk about it.But I was very happy when we had intimacy,I'm easily satisfied through manual sex,and he is very gentle and thoughtful,I enjoyed his touch very much.Your reply helps a lot.Again,thank you.

Thank you,Erica,your story encouraged me.I really love him,and want to go further.I didn't talk about his problem with him yet,he's sensitive,and I am also embarrassed to start the conversation.We stayed together for a while,two weeks,the situation is the same,so I think he know that I know about his problem,but he nothing said about it.I was happy when we had intimacy,I can easily satisfied trough other ways of making love.Again,thank you.