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can you give a little advice?

Published on August 2, 2010 by tyleri

my boyfriend told me he would kill himself today because i dont want to be with him and he doesnt want to see with anybody else and ive tried to stop him plenty of times before but this time i didnt i just told him to do whatever he feels is neccessary.

we have a brand new baby boy together and i am amazed he would leave my sons life just because i dont wanna be in a relationship.

i havent heard from him all day and i am starting to worry and blame myself.

someone help me please


It sounds like you have done all that you can for him and you shouldn't blame yourself for his problems. All you can do is pray that he will realize that this is not the way to solve things. In the end we all have to make a decision, are we gonna do the right thing and put our faith and trust in God to handle our problems or are we gonna take matters in our own hands and do something that will ultimately lead to our self-destruction. I tried to slit my wrist at 16 over a guy and looking back now I realize just how foolish that was and I'm so thankful that now I've turned my life over to God and know that NOTHING is that bad and if I trust Him He WILL handle it for me. You just have to pray your ex will realize this before it's too late,but if he doesn't, it's not your fault. I will be praying for all of you.

I passed for something similar...and i'm sure he wont kill himself.. Beside...when someone wants to kill himself...he will...believe...someone close to my did it 3 years ago...and he didnt ask anyone...

Call him..but he has to understand that he cant force u to be in a relationship that u dnot want..