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Can you fall out of love? if so is that the end of your marriage.

Published on June 10, 2012 by lanai

I feel because of my husbads emotional affair and his behavior after i found out has caused me to fall out of love. I decided to stay in the marriage but its been almost two years and the wounds are still fresh it seems i just can't move past this even with counseling.


• Has your husband apologized? • Has he put up boundaries to minimize his closeness with the other person? • Has he ever discussed how it started or why it ended (if it did)?

Emotional affairs are more dangerous than sexual affairs, but they aren't necessarily the end of your relationship. People can heal and become stronger than before.

After two years, you have another problem. Each of you has a relationship with the elephant in the room. Each of you has habits of how you think about the past and each of you needs to develop new habits about how to think about a future together. This requires patience, creativity, and probably guidance. You mentioned counseling, but it sounds like individual counseling. This is a tough trend to reverse and I think you'll have the best chance if you're working on it together.

I agree but he's against counseling so I went alone he feels he solved the issue by saying it would never happen again. thanks for your advice.