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Can a strained relationship ever come back to normal?like the way it was?

Published on February 6, 2010 by hurtsoul

my guy was crazy about me when we first met and even after two months we were crazy about each other...i still am but he's lost interest..i feel he practically hates me now..the funniest thing is i don't even know the reason...i tried talking to him but he doesn't give any reasons.i didn't give up and for a month or so just waited so that things will be fine but to no avail. So finally we talked about it and said so many things hurtful things to me .... i said nothing to defend myself...i listened to it because i still thought things will be better..he almost choked too... so as i was about to leave he said that he'll call me once he gets his phone back.(he lost his phone a month back n still hasn't got a new one).i didn't say was just too hurtful to realize that things have gone from bad to worse..i so want him to call me back. i mean we haven't officially broken up or did he just say that he'll call me for the heck of it? how can someone who liked u so damn much change so drastically ?is that possible? and what am i supposed to do if he doesn't call? i had fallen in love after more than two years...will i ever trust someone again??


Dear Hurtsoul, usually when a relationship is born, the first couple of months(usually 2 or three) everything is perfect. Things are just love and love and beautifuly perfect. After two months or what ever, you learn more and more about each other, and trust starts to grow. When this happends, fights start, and some people are weak and cant stand them, and just give up. Others fight for it, and keep the relationship going. Sometimes things get "boring" or people get tierd of one another because things are the same. sometimes you need to keep things interesting and do different things to keep a unique, interesting relationship going. You will trust some one again, but not as easily. When someone fails on you, you learn, yet keep going. Life will never stop. And after you understand that, you'll know to keep going with life, because unfortunatly, it will never stop to wait for you. If he dsnt call and you truly love him, and you feel he's worth fighting for, go for it, Fight for him, call him, and look for him, and try to work it out again. Maybe ask him what you've done wrong, and fix it. its always hurtful to hear the bad things your doing bad, but its also good, because it makes you learn, and you change for the better. its good for you to open up to him also. Tell him whats on your mind, and whats bothering you. If you talk to him normally, it probably wont end up as a fight. Dont say you didnt defent your self, because its not about that. Speak to him, dont scream at him dont fight. Fights are good, but not always good. If he is disrespectful to you, walk away, leave because its not even worth your time to hear someone be rude and disrespectful to you. If you feel you dont love him as much, its time to let go and loosen up sweetie. Time sometimes fixes things, but with your help. If you dont help your self, you wont get anywhere.

Goodluck ;) if you need me, dont hesitate to message me.

Love, J25

It's possible for people who really liked each other to end up disliking each other over time. The simple fact is that people change. Does he really seem like the same person now that he was back then? You can't stay with someone just because of how things were in the past. It's possible for people who have fallen out of love to get things back to the way they were in the beginning, but both people have to want to make it work and be willing to give the relationship another try. It sounds like you are but he isn't. In that case, there's nothing you can do but move on. Try to keep in mind that someone who really loves you would never want to hurt you.