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Can married men have deep friendships with married women?

Published on September 2, 2010 by 2loverboy

I'm a recently married older man who has had lots of friendships with men and women. I value each person for who they are and what they have taught me about life. What caught me off-guard is that my wonderful/beautiful loving wife has reacted with a bit of jealousy toward some of my friends who are women. In my work, I meet with lots of people and several of us are really close. I've tried to bring my wife into these friendships, but it seems difficult for her to interact. She is a very outgoing person and has lots of her own friends, but not many guy friends. She and I have a strong loving relationship and I don't want to screw it up. But I also value my other friendships.


Well,I see nothing wrong with having friendships as long as they don't cross the line which in your case they obviously don't and you've said that you've tried to include your wife in these friendships, so it sounds to me like you've done your part,but now it's up to her. I know that too much jealousy and insecurity in a relationship is very unhealthy and if not addressed will lead to it's eventual ruin, so I would try to talk to her and let her know that she needs to be able to trust you if you're going to make your marriage work. I'll be praying for you and your situation. God Bless! :)

Hi 2LoverBoy,

You ask a very good question. I think it is ok to have women friends. However, I think one needs to be careful if the wife is not happy with it. You need to work and handle all of the other woman stuff at work. When you arrive home, you need to take care of the very sensitive woman who lives there. It is really very simple - make sure your wife if happy above all else. The best way to do this is to tell her everything that happens between you and the women you enjoy at work. It is what I do since my closest friends are women.

Thanks for your comments regarding my question. You all have given good insights.