Yes, but that doesn't mean he will leave his wife. If you're hoping for a relationship with a future, stick to single men.

Three things mistresses should remember:

He married her for a reason. He loved her and may still love her. He's made promises to her. They've build a life together and have many shared memories. He's stayed with her so far for a reason.

If he lies to her, he'll lie to you. Whatever he tells you about her and his marriage is biased, you don't know her side of the story. In addition, he tells you what he wants you to hear so that you will sleep with him. He may even have other girlfriends and he will probably cheat on you if he ever trades his wife in for you.

You don't really know him that well. Your relationship never moves beyond the fun, romantic getting-to-know-you stage. Being married is a perfect excuse for not making a commitment to a woman - I am into you, I just can't leave my wife. You don't see that much of him and you aren't really a part of his life. You're fun, but you're not real.

Well lets disscuss this situation well well if a man is cheating his WIFE with his mistress if for a reason she is not doing someting GOOD sorry yeah even if he is with his wife ALWAYS in the back of his head she has the mistress so you are defenetly in his life and for fun and u get 100% whatever you want i say that for expiriance. and ur spoiled with him if his RICH LOL you dont care he buys you a car, pays ur cell phene bill, and pays your rent so its fun fun being a mistress . :-)