If you're a guy (which I am assuming) and you can get past her previous relationships with men, you can get past her lesbian relationship.

When you meet someone, you have to possess the ability to know them for the person they are from that moment forward, not who they have been, or been involved with, previously.

If she looked hard enough, I am sure there would be things in your past that she would question if she possessed the ability to get past.

You'll be alright.

That is up to you. What are your hang ups? What is it about this past that makes you worried?

I agree with Michael. Don't be so quick to judge, we all have worrisome things in our past wouldn't you want her to move beyond judging you simply on your past? Can't you do the same for her?

I think the first question should be if she can overcome her past, if she enters a new era freely and willingly. If so, and provided that you are both in love with each other and enjoy sex together...why not give peace a chance? We people do change habits. Be open hearted and expect the best. Life is unpredictable!