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Can I make him see me?

Published on April 20, 2014 by imroxana

I have been dating this guy for one year but it only was a real relationship at the beginning. laters he went cold (he said he was feeling very uncertain about any relationships after his recent break up with an ex of 5 years and also too busy with work and studies) and I agreed to continue a not very serious and time taking relationship as I was also planning to move abroad and I really liked him. Now after one year, we literally just hook up and it’s not what I really want. I really love him, can’t even think of letting him go. He is exactly all I have always wanted. Educated, handsome, funny, sweet etc and to tell the truth I have always felt he was too good for me. My question is what does a man want in a girl? I was told I’m pretty, have a nice and sexy body (he still compares me with models) and that I’m the good girl. We have never had a serious argument and I always tried my best not to make him mad or sad. Even if there were a problem, I’d end it quickly. He has irritated me with some small and even big things but I just disregarded them and never made a drama out of them. I have never been really demanding, too possessive or the always-complaining type; But he still doesn’t want anything serious with me and worse than that he keeps telling me that I shouldn’t get attached to him emotionally and that’s what we once agreed on like 8 months back. He doesn’t lie when he says he is very busy, I know he is but still he always have a little time for his guy friends and not for me and he hasn’t introduced me to his friends except for one of them. last time I was at his place he started talking about a girl -jokingly- who has asked him out, and when he noticed how sad I got he said she was just a b* and nothing more. I asked him if she was pretty and he said all bes were attractive. Would he prefer a so-called b*** to me if she is better than me in other things? He said that I might move abroad and it’s too selfish of me if I want him to actually commit. That day when I left his house, I texted him and told him that I knew he was making excuses and even if I decide to stay here and forget moving abroad, things wouldn’t change. I told him that I was really tired of him talking about other women all the time and how I'd lost my self esteem and also told him that I knew he was not really into me and it’s not nice of him not saying it loud. It was the last thing I said and he never answered me. I thought maybe I should start being cold and didn’t contact him, neither did he. Now after 2 weeks Im really frustrated. I really love him and don’t want to lose him. I keep thinking maybe it wasn’t the right time to start being very cold ( as he was getting slightly better) and leave him with the girl. He used to be very selfish even in sex but lately he has become more considerate. He compliments me a lot more than he would do a few months back. He even jokes around about marriage sometimes and tells me how his parents want him to make a family as he is 30 already. He cuddles me for hours and tells me about all his interests and memories; doesn’t it mean that he really likes me? I know that you will advise me to let him go and to date someone who deserves me and makes me feel proud of myself and it’s just a waste of time, but I really can’t or maybe don’t want it. All I want now is trying my best to make our relationship warmer. How can I make him SEE me? Is there a chance – even a little one- that our relationship goes somewhere? If yes, what should I do? Should I keep staying away and giving him some space to make him miss me? I’m really confused. I’m very thankful for the time you spent to read this and appreciate your advice in advance. Thanks