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Can I expect this relationship to be salvaged?

Published on July 14, 2014 by ariana1986


I am a 28 years old woman, I met this guy online (he's 38), we are living in different country. I was in a relationship when he firat contacted me, but only told him that when i was about to break up with my ex.

After 6 months I came to visit him for 10 days. He was so into me until then. I came back and we agreed that we are in a relationship then. We keep in touch and do regular video calls. He plans to visit me in a month after 2 months being apart, and we both were so excited about it.

Long story short, i did something that makes him think i might play around with other guys - which i don't. I tried to explain things, and he seems to understands it. But turned out he doesn't. We were talking as usual and i pissed him off by not getting his joke right. Then he was mute. Until i text him which he seems reluctant to reply. He seems so distant and i asked him why after a week of torture. Then he told me he might not be as "excited" as i do anymore, but he's still coming.

I tried to be calm about it and said he can have the time and space he needs. But i juat couldn't contain myself and let him know that i feel so shattered about what he said. And he said he doesn't need space and time, and he's still coming, we can keep in touch, but some things are just not meant to be.

What should i expect? I am too much into this relationship now that i am planning to move in 4 months, leaving everything behind.