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Published on January 13, 2014 by cynthia_123

I have been in a 5 year relashionship i have a 2 year old with this man at first it was good the relashionship was perfect and about 3 years in i got pregnant and that is when i found out he was talking to diffrent girls behind my back i let it go and decided to work threw it and it just kept happening over the years i would find out that he was talking to diffrent girls behind my back and that gave me trust issues with him so i would question him and everytime he would get mad at me was i wrong to question? So we got over all that and then we just started fighting over little things that we shouldent even be fighting about we fight because i love to cuddle but he doesent so we never cuddle i like to hold his hand out in public and he never wants to i like sitting beside him and he rather sit on oppasite side of me and when he is mad he never talkes to me once he ignored me for 2 days not one word i am not happy in the relashionship but i love him and i am blinded by that love that i have for this man he is my first everything pretty much i am scared to be alone if i do leave him i am scared of me beeing lonley amd never finding the right man my question is should i leave this man