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breaking up

Published on March 10, 2014 by tanky

How do I breakup and get over my fiancé whom we have a seven months son with because his family does not approve of our marriage so he can not stand against his family.


As a YourTango Expert who works with couples incorporating their faith, I wonder about your request. Are you really at the point where you are ready to end your relationship with him? What commitments have you made towards him? What does your faith say about how you would raise a child together?

We all live and belong to different communities. It seems that he has selected you (and your son) as a family while still belonging to his family of origin. What are the things that make him not want to stand up against people in his family of origin? Do you think he should always side with you or does his family raise some valid concerns about your possible marriage?

whether you decide to break off your romantic relationship with him or not, you are likely to have to remain connected with each other. Your son is likely to still be connected to his family. There may be other things that are leading you to say that the relationship should be coming to an end, but if not, you may find that thew two of you seeking some help to talk about and explore the issues may help. Look for someone in your community, like Seeking Shalom ( is in New York. Your current situation is not a good one but there is the possibility of finding peace and wholeness again, if you both are willing to explore towards it.