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Break up advise-how to act in my situation

Published on August 25, 2014 by smily

My boyfriend and me are in relation for 2.5 years. He broke up with me 2 months ago. He gave many reasons like he is hurt with my behaviour, he wants to concentrate on his career and not interested in relationship, he wants to have more beautiful girl than me as i became little fat due to health problem.

My negative aspects are over thinking,over emotions,insecurity feeling,some sort of neediness.I begged,promised to change etc.

After 1month i started no contact rule. We both are in same profession. Then suddenly after 10days he started helping me in my studies. I could not resist contacting him. Then i started maintaining professional contact with him like we are discussing only about our career, he is helping me and i am helping him. Neither of us are initiating personal conversation.

He is in crucial stage in his career. Worst part is 3 days back his results are declared and he failed in his exams. He is even more pressured than before. I tried to support him,care him but he is not contacting me. I know he is very much depressed now and not interested in relation.What should i do now? I fear of losing him forever.please help Thanks and regards, Smily