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Published on January 9, 2013 by arron19933

I met a guy last week and we went out for a drive and got to know eachother and I really did feel for him. He stayed over at my house and we did things and got to no each other more the day after he went home at night and within 2 hours he was back he told me he loved me and had strong feeling for me. I took him for a meal and it went well I asked him out as a bf and he said yes his manners were perfect he was caring and everything he went home yesterday and never messaged me and his x bf was there crying saying he is sorry for what he had done in the past and that they were in a 2 year relationship now I had a phone call this morning from his saying I am sorry I don't think this is going to work he said he had more feeling for his x and then the combo was ended i want to no why he would tell me he loved me and he wanted to spend the whole life with me and why would he come back I am total heartbroken and want him back what's the best thing to do