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Boyfriend was engaged

Published on October 5, 2013 by dcraze87

We have been dating for two months. He is great, we have an amazing connection, and he treats me like gold. He was engaged to his only girlfriend that he has had other than me. She broke it off to years ago, reinitiated things, and then broke up with him again. That was about 7 to 8 months ago. We were talking since I was engaged too (I broke it off for good reasons) And he mentioned that he still have the ring. When I hast him why he said he hadn't thought about it but that he guessed if he ever got back together with her he would give it to her. This set off alarm bells. I told him he needed to take some time and think about what he wanted and to get closure. I went for a walk because I was kind of upset and told him I wanted alone time and when I got back he had called her. I asked him why and he said he needed closure. I told him to take some time and decide what he wanted and that I wouldn't talk to him until he contacted me again. Before I left his house he told me he was so sorry and that he wanted only me. But that he needed some time to close up some loop holes. He asked me to give him two weeks. Should I wait? Not necessarily dating wise but emotionally, should I wait? Thanks!


Dear DCraze:

You, so far, have handled this situation well and you seem to know what to expect from a relationship and what you're willing (or not willing) to accept in a relationship.

Even though you're asking the question, "should [you] wait," you probably already have an answer in your head - and really the choice is always yours - not someone else's to make.

Two weeks can go by quickly, but who can put a timeframe on feelings? He doesn't know how he will feel in two weeks anymore than you do. Stay friendly and date freely in the meantime. You're not married or engaged, so you're free to explore while he explores his feelings.

Only time will tell where you two will land, but I wouldn't sit around waiting for that magical moment to happen - it will happen on its own or it won't - but just be sure if it does that you're both serious this time. Situations like kind of force a relationship to the next level or consequently, make it clear that it won't work.

Let me know what happens. Good luck.

LJ Innes - a Your Tango Expert