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Boyfriend of 9 months is ignoring me after a fight

Published on October 14, 2013 by amberwbr

My boyfriend of 9 months got very angry with me and refuses to speak with me. Im confused what i did wrong!! He was cheated on by his ex wife and i was too by my exhusband.We had an argument 2 mo ago and he asked for space. I gave it to him and after a week we worked it out. This argument is due to me giving him too much space while he was on a business trip.i would wait for his text, then reply back sweetly. Then he would not continue to talk so i would wait til the next time. He called after a day of no contact and told me he feels im cheating?! I calmly explained that i have been trying to be respectful and give him space. He said i play games and told me he is too angry to talk right now. I offered to hear his issues he has with me but he replied "Nah, ive already told you all my issues with you. Its like you dont care if you hurt me." I am a very sensitive person and it bothers me a lot to think i hurt someone, but can someone please give me a clue what im missing here? I dont get men at all! Im attractive and i know that is not the issue. A little on the needy side but i was working on that, so i thought?! Im so confused, i thought i was doing the right things?


It sounds like he’s still carrying scars from him last relationship, and the betrayal in it, and is projecting that onto you. You need to sit down with him and remind him, gently but firmly, that you are not his ex-wife, that you care about him, and that you are not going to hurt him. If he opens up, you can let him know that his actions hurt you too, but that you are open to discussing your issues and working through them together.