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Boyfriend number two?

Published on April 29, 2012 by ilavafubu

Well, I have a boyfriend, we live almost two hours away from each other. I see him every weekend. I love him. However, I'm addicted to having sex with another guy, I havent yet cheated on my boyfriend. My friends say I should because its only for sex and nothing else. I'm afraid I will feel to guilty, but this guy's sex is so much more pleasureable  than my boyfriend's .help?


Well, if you want to have sex with someone else maybe you should just break up with your boyfriend for a while. I see that you say you love him, but if sex is more important, try being single and having a friends with benefits relationship with the other guy. You will be guilt free because you are not cheating and you won't be deceiving your boyfriend. If you would be ok with your boyfriend messing with someone else as long as it was purely for sex you could talk to him about it to see if you two would want to try out an open relationship. Good Luck!

If you're asking yourself and online if you can have a boyfriend AND a friend with benefits, you must be dealing with inner turmoil. Listen to that voice. It's smarter than you think. Just to be clear, you say you "haven't yet cheated on [your] boyfriend" and you're "addicted to having sex with another guy." Unless you're unclear about your definition of "cheating," it sounds like you're involved with two men. There ARE examples of happy couples who profess and demonstrate they love an open relationship. Do you put yourself and your bf in that category? Here's some homework: 1) define relationship 2) define boyfriend 3) define commitment and 4) explore the importance of sex to you. Best of life to you.

I'm confused about the "cheating". If you're addicted to having sex with another guy? Also, why don't you share with your boyfriend how to please you so you can have better sex? What makes it more pleasurable with this other man that your boyfriend who you "love" could not learn to do?

Im with everyone else, you say youve never cheated, but yet you have this amazing sex with this other guy?? If you were having sex, then you cheated on your current bf. I think thats an immature reason to not want to be with him and your just looking for someone to give you attention and u put yourself out there which is not a good way to do it. I am sorry this sounds not so nice, but your a girl who has a bf and is sleeping with another boy.. if you didnt cheat, then you wouldnt know how amazing this other guy is?! Corret, can u please clarify?? actually, if you even have to ask yourself this question you already know the answer, noones going to promote cheating, except your friends who probably do the same thing.. sorry