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Boyfriend Is Too Attached To His Mother, Aunt, and Grandmother

Published on September 1, 2013 by filiricanndream

Hello, I'm in quite a bit of dilemma.. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little while now, and have even started talking about our future together. I'm completely head-over-heels in love with him, and he seems to feel the same way but I don't even know anymore. He seems way too attached to his family. Like his mother for example, obviously she is his world. What mother isn't to their son? It's just that, he's basically a grown man now and him and his mother still kiss each other on the lips. I know some families are like that, but I feel that if they were to do that, they should feel courteous and maybe respectful of my presence in the room as well, and not do that in front of me.. I always feel so awkward and it makes me wanna leave their house altogether and go home. Also, he goes to her for everything. I feel like, I don't even exist in his life anymore when she is around. I feel like, why does he always go to her when he could come and talk to me? Plus, there is also his grandmother and aunt. He talks about them so much to me, it makes me feel weird. I may just be jealous that he gives them so much attention, but I feel that I put him as my #1 priority while he made me his 4th ... He recently has said he wanted to move to either Texas or Boston, and wants me to move in with him.. He really wants to move to Boston because his mother, grandmother, and his aunt will all be there. I prefer Texas because his only family there is his brother. Ugh, I don't know what to do! I love him with all my heart, but I don't want to leave him. He had been the best thing that's happened to me, but I don't like how he puts me at the bottom of his list while I have him at the top of mine.


Dear filiricanndream,

Wow. Just wow. A grown man, huh? Yeah, you're right, some families are like that. You could see it as something cute, that he really loves his family and is probally really full of love (which he can also give to you, and that could be nice, better than cheating or something, right?) But of course it is creepy if he kisses his mom on the lips or talking about his other relatives like that. Please have in mind that you will probally come second or third of people he loves the most, and it is up to you if you are fine with that. But it is kinda creepy what he does, and I understand that you can't exactly talk to him about it, or forcing him to stop it. But you sure as hell can ask him not to do that in front of you. You want to kiss him, and not his mom, right?

But still, its a little adorable that he has so much love to give... But there is also something like... TOO MUCH LOVE D:

I hope I have been of some help. Please keep us posted!

Kind Regards, Rapunzel.