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Boyfriend Hates Dog

Published on February 3, 2012 by katgut

My boyfriend HATES by little terrior.  He gets upset because I refuse to leave the dog at home on the weekends when we go out during the day.  It seems unfair to be because I work on weekdays and my dog is at home by himself, so I want to spend time with him on the weekends.  Why can't my boyfriend understand this.  He's not a dog hater, but he just won't accept that my dog is part of the family.  Is this a sign of future problems? Will he be a losy father to our children?


I'm sorry...did you seriously just connect him hating the dog to being a father to children? He probably just doesn't understand why you are so attached to the dog. He wants to spend time with you, not you and the dog. Why not leave the dog at home on 1 day of the weekend? I can't quite understand your connection because I am not an animal person, but maybe leaving the dog at home 1 day of the weekends will help! Good Luck! OH and my husband doesn't like dogs and he is a great father, so don't be worried about that.

The answer is: He may be a "dog hater." They exist. They are people who hate dogs for many reasons: you have to pick up after them, they smell awful, they are not clean animals and no matter where you live you home will not be CLEAN. I know many many people who hate dogs and they want nothing to do with them. I think you have a choice: boyfriend or dog. Pick one. Dogs have no "relevance" to a family. Children do, people do. Dogs NO.!!