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Boyfriend had sex with many women before me

Published on October 21, 2012 by nina_d

My boyfriend told me that he had sex with 14 women before he met me. He is 24 (two years older than me), and he was in a committed relationship with just 3-4 of those women. He also has a lot of female friends, some of which were his f**k buddies.

I feel very insecure, because I have never slept with a man before, and I feel like he will compare me with all these women. I really like this man, but now I'm scared to go further with him, just because of my insecurities that I won't be able to perform as well as his previous lovers, and that as a result, he might cheat on me with his one of his female friends.

Please help.


I don't care how cute he is or how fun his personality is--stay away from men who have a lot of female friends who he once had relationships with. Men who communicate with a harem of women will never be safisfied with just one woman, and you'll constantly be wanting for attention, but he'll be too busy on the phone texting and speaking to him. Many men refuse to use protection, and sleeping with that many women puts him at a higher risk for STDs, if he didn't use a condom. Get out now before you become just another notch on his belt.

I don't understand your relationship with him. Do you think you will be any different from the gazillion women he has already laid. Do you really want to be an unpaid sex worker for this guy?

I think the real question here is not whether you will be 'better or worse' than previous women he has slept with, but what your honest views are about your virginity. You must understand whether or not your boyfriend will treat you differently than the rest. Is he commited? Or does he just want some more fun? Be honest with yourself before diving head first into something new. All the best.