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Body and the way men view it

Published on October 26, 2013 by daisia

Hi, been on and off with my bf of more than 4 years and he just recently told me that if he didnt love me, he wouldnt be with me right now.

Reason: I lost lots of weight 5 years ago(before we met) and had loose skin (tummy) and saggy breast. He said the reason why the guys ive been with before him didnt want to be in a relationship with me was because the way i looked was a turn off. It shocked me because i had no idea he ever felt that way towards me and i didnt know i looked THAT bad before. See i always had a problem with the way my tummy looked but the way he said it is like: You look good with clothes on but once you take them off, most guys will fuck you but only once. Then they'll disappear.

I gain a few pounds back over the years so my breast are fuller and i got a tummy tuck a year ago to fix my loose skin problem but i cant help but feel like he exaggerated. Of course it hurts my feelings and i cant help asking myself: is that true?

How do i get over it and not let my self esteem decrease because of that?


Hmm not sure how to get over that. And that would personally lower my self esteem too. The only thing I can say is that is f***ed up of him to say whether its true or not and you should make that perfectly clear to him.

He's an ass and I'm sure he's not perfect. Your partner should be encouraging and lifting your spirits not lowering them what he said was rude and selfish. To hell with him if you have been on and off get with someone who not only turns you on but stays "on" the whole off thing is bs