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birthday wishes for ex...

Published on November 5, 2012 by po

is it ok to send my ex boyfriend email for his birthday? we broke few months ago but we stayed in contact. but now we dont talk for a month. and what should i write in the email?


You need to start moving forward instead of backwards. How can you both have closure when you stay in contact? He probably hasn't contacted you because he's moving on. You need to do the same. Your future bf won't appreciate you staying in contact with an ex. When you keep thinking of your past, that's where you will stay, in a nowhere rut. You need to start thinking of your future, which is where your happiness and new adventures await you.

I agree and disagree with safire1023... It's nice to move on and forget about the past, but at the same time, I'd be a hypocrite. I have stayed friends with one of my ex's because we were best friends prior. I would just send a short email saying, "Hey, I remembered your birthday, just thought I'd wish you a happy birthday!" That way it's just nice to be considerate, but you're not saying, "let's get back together" or "I miss you" or something like that. This is a nice gesture and he can't read into it. I always think it's nice. A boyfriend from 2 years ago wished me a happy birthday last month. I can't remember his so I can't do the same... But it made me feel pretty good.

If you've stayed in touch, it can't hurt to send him an e-card (with a drawing or photo of something funny or pretty, not sexy) and write something like: "Thinking of you on your birthday, hope you're having a great day!"

That's what you'd wish any friend, and you can certainly treat him as a friend now even though you are both moving on romantically.