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Big Guy With Small Penis

Published on October 7, 2012 by aaronvoss

Im a 6ft2 250lbs guy with a 3" erect penis. Most women say its not the size of the boat but come on.. if your boat is the size of a little raft in a big ocean

im sorry but my past partners say the sex sucked, because 1- i cant reach in some positions or falls out all the time..

Looking for female advice.. If your boyfriend or husband was this small and the sex wasnt very good what would you do?


First and foremost please do not take offence. Tone down. I am going to assume you are a pretty big guy in the muscle area toning down and loosing some of that extra weight will actually make your penis size larger. (Scientific fact)

Secondly buy sex toys. First off toys make sex more interesting to begin with - they add that extra thrill. Try vibes dildos and restraints feathers paints and chocolate theres all kinds of things you can play with. It really isn't the size that makes sex good in my opinion it is the element of surprise. The willingness of my partner to have me enjoy the sexual encounter that makes sex great. The orgasm is just the ending. Its everything up and until the climax that makes sex amazing. I promise.

And PS...Those other girls are idiots.

Thanks for your reply!! Your right i am chubby or husky build. I need to loose about 55lbs to be in good shape. My wife is in great shape! I think my weight is kind of a turn off for her. During sex it seems to be alot of work for her to help keep me in the game so to speak and she gets frustrated and wants me to hurry up and orgasm. Then we always use a viberator on her. if i try to change it up she acts like what are you doing??? No oral sex at all.. I try and she doesnt want me to do it to her or on me.. im confused? im not hung on myself but i was very attractive when we first married and in great shape... Even when i was thin, i was very small about 4" so yes i did loose a inch from all the weight.I like being small or i should say im cool with it! I know this will sound weird but it actually turns me on when im made fun of.. so, again thats why im ok with it! I try to get my wife to tease me but she wont do it.. maybe because she will feel like she got the short end of the husband stick, so to Any feed back is helpful, so i can figure this out.. Thanks Aaron

Your always going to be proportionally small - any methods to lengthen penis size have negligible results. You loss of an inch as you got bigger is the fat in your belly and groin protruding out around your penis and making it seem shorter. Your penis IS shorter than average, but it's not hopeless (and only something like 30% of women can orgasm just from intercourse anyway - so you'd probably have to be adding things to your sex regardless of your penis size). Develop skills and get very good with your hand/fingers, mouth/tongue, (maybe she'll come around on oral - even if she doesn't passionate French kissing is great!), and toys.

If I understand you correctly, you are coming first, pulling out and giving her hers with a vibrator. Some of her dislike may be that she has not gotten fully wet before you enter her - that would be irritating, if not flat out painful. Try reversing things and giving her her orgasm before you enter her for intercourse and your orgasm. This will have her all juiced up from her own orgasm and ready to receive you when you enter her for yours. As a side benefit, you will find her orgasm very arousing in and of itself, and likely to get you a long way towards achieving yours.

Regardless of whatever else you do, losing weight and getting in shape is a good idea, and will likely lead to improvements in the bedroom all by itself. I am 6'4" and was 270lbs. When I started dieting and exercising a couple years ago and dropped 70 lbs., it did wonders for my attitude, my libido, and my stamina (AND dropped my blood pressure and got my blood sugar from "pre-diabetic" back down to the normal range).

If you are having problems with some sort of sexual dysfunction not related to penis length or your weight, see your doctor to see if there might be a medical or physical cause for it. Don't forget to also have your doctor review any prescription medications you take, since a surprising number of them have sexual dysfunction as a side-effect.

Good luck.

I'm assuming you have working fingers and a working tongue. My advice is to work really hard in pleasing her first with either of those two appendages, even before you reveal your penis.

Nothing makes a woman happier than being brought to orgasm by a guy FIRST, by a guy who cares about her pleasure before his own.

Do this and I don't think your size will be an issue.