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Bi Polar engagement plans

Published on August 3, 2012 by redsky

My boyfriend and I have been together a yr and a half; and have lived together 7 months now. For the most part everything is great. We communicate, spend time together, spend time apart, have a great love life and care for each other alot. We plan on moving countries in a few years and one day would like to buy a house. Of course, like any couple we spat or nag each other about house work; however over all we are in a health happy relationship. Lately we have talked more about marriage and engagement. Sometimes as a casual " what if" scenerio and sometimes a bit more serious. My boyfriend, Prince Charming we shall call him, knows that I one day would like to be married. I am not in a rush or nagging or demanding, and have told him even if I had a ring this very day a wedding would be a few years away until school was finished. He too has told me marriage is something he wants in the future. Therefore I assumed we were content to leave it at that.. a future plan in a few years. However, lately all he can do is talk about it. Some days he goes on about how it will be soon...and then the next day he says Ill have to wait forever. Sometimes he is joking sometimes not so much. I dont really bring it up at all. But when I mention my friend getting married or a dress fitting I went to or something he starts going on about it. Saying how much he loves me and it will happen one day but he needs money . Sometimes he is anxious others he seems frantic. I really have no idea what is going on with him. Its not as if I have put any pressure on him. Im only 23 and not interested in rushing things. Im not sure if its because he is older(28)? Or because he thinks I want a ring now? Or because he is being pressured for or aganist by friends or family? Im not sure how to deal with his bipolar attitude towards it. I would be happy if he would just stop talking about it; knowing that when we are ready it will happen. Any advice??


If he really is bipolar, think long and hard before marrying him, as he will be that way for life (pray he stays on his meds) and his children will be at an increased risk of inheriting his disorder.

Yes Ive heard of that crude blanket term, which is not an accurate response for the issue at hand. Its not a question of if its when. And I was curious if there was some other reason for his behaviour. Maybe I could receive insight from a engaged guy or someone who went thro a similar situation. Not advice about bipolar medication.