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BF of 2 years cheated with EX for 3-4 Months at beginning of relationship.

Published on September 1, 2014 by amm083

At 9 months I asked about their break up out of simple curiosity and something was off about the way he described it. Then I said he can be honest and it is fine. He said they just texted and talked on the phone a bit for awhile after. I inquired a few more times over the next year, and got the same answer. It is now almost two years into our relationship and I found old e-mails that date 3-4 months into our relationship. They would fight and make up and she would talk about how he lied and was with me and her at the same time...she loves him...back and forth, stuff like that. I brought it up to him and asked if he would ever tell me. He said honestly no, he did not want to ruin things. He said he would never do something like that again, it was a mistake. I did not know this was going on in the beginning because we were together a lot and everything was new and happy and fun. I am hurt, upset, and have lost trust. Please share your advice, experiences, and input with me. Is this a deal breaker when someone cheats early on in a relationship?