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between the 2

Published on February 8, 2012 by ksunnies

Long story, I will try to condense it. I was dating someone (guy #1) for about 6 months who moved away (to Europe). We had an intense relationship, great chemistry, and I completely fell for him. I went to visit him overseas and things went amazing. When I returned he couldn't commit to trying to work things out so I moved on. Met someone almost immediately that I thought would be a fling. He turned out to be super sweet and we continued to date for about 7 months, At 7 months I was concerned about his career drive (no job, ski bum mentality) he wasn't outgoing like the people I am used to be around every day ( I have a pretty solid career - my dream job). I asked for space because the topic of moving in came up and it freaked me out. Ive always pictured myself to be with a man that has his shit together and I am not about to babysit anyone else. I went away and ended up seeing my ex, and the flame was still there. I thought by asking for space I was doing the right thing... Ex #1 then just confused me more, still couldn't commit so I moved on and started feeling awful about leaving #2 ( he was so sweet to me, but just didn't have his shit together and it was really weighing on me). After I asked for space to figure my head out, he apparently met someone about a week after and started sleeping with her. Later in the summer I tried to get him back, and then he proceeded to lie to both of us until we both found out. He begged for me back and we've been dating ever since (its been about 2.5 months now). Needless to say, the lack of trust is pretty awful. And now... the ex (#1) has come back into the picture, moved back for good and is trying to get back together. He is not only talking about what he wants, but doing things to show it. I am so confused because I care about guy #2 a lot, even though he really hurt me (cheated on me twice technically). I've spoke to my therapist about all this craziness, and she says I need to let go of #2 because he doesn't fit me at all. Try things out with #1 again... what do you think? I know its a lot of back and forth, its driving me crazy!


I agree with your therapist. lol Don't settle. He lied to you. The only reason he apologized is because he got caught.